TNI (Indonesian Armed Forces) muster two helicopters to Asmat

"This morning the TNI helicopter was transported to Asmat, the additional drugs because on the flight the day before not all drugs were transported"

Timika (Antaranews Papua) - TNI headquarters deploys two helicopters to dispatch medicines to help deal with the epidemic of measles and malnutrition in Asmat District, Papua Province.
Commander of Kodim 1710 Mimika Lieutenant Colonel Inf Windarto told Antara in Timika on Wednesday that both Bolco HS 7148 and Bell HA-5178 army helicopters departed from Mozes Kilangin Airport, Timika, to Agats, the capital of Asmat District, on Wednesday morning carrying cargo additional drugs weighing 800 kilograms.
"This morning the TNI helicopter was transported to Asmat, an additional medication because on the previous day's flight not all medicines were transported, followed by two TNI doctors from Korem 174 / Anim Ti Waninggap Merauke and two SSB radios which will be installed at the TNI Command Post Health Task Force in Asmat, "he said.
Later on Wednesday afternoon, a total of 14 medical personnel from the Health Center (Puskes) of TNI Headquarters will leave for Agats, Asmat, using a boat from Port Paumako, Timika.
The vessel will also be transporting staples, medicines and 50 units of aluminum beds that will be used to care for sick children and toddlers.
Windarto said the main obstacle faced in helping handling the epidemic of measles and malnutrition in Asmat is the limited transportation facilities.
Delivery of personnel and medical equipment to Asmat should all use aircraft from Timika.
"The problem of transportation is a bottleneck because it can not be maximized, we only have two helicopters with capacity of 800 kilograms and 400 kilograms, while using airplanes, it must be chartered," said Windarto.
On Wednesday afternoon, Police Chief of Police Inspector General Boy Rafli Amar also departed to Ewer Airport, Asmat District, from Mozes Kilangin Airport, Timika, to see first hand the effort to overcome the Extraordinary Events / KLB Measles and Malnutrition in one of the districts of Papua's southern coastal area .
The Papua Police also sent medicines and food aid to support the acceleration of the measles and malnutrition epidemic in Asmat.
Measles and Malnutrition outbreaks occurred in Asmat District since September 2017. Up to now, there are 61 children and children under five suffering from measles and malnutrition, while hundreds are now undergoing treatment at Asmat General Hospital.

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