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During 2017 recorded several attacks and kidnapps in some areas of Papua. Last November, 1300 residents in the village of Banti and Kimbely, Tembagapura, Timika, Papua Province 'isolated' conducted by TPN-OPM (National Liberation Army - Free Papua Organization) which Benny Wenda is a leader of them. They claimed that they will give independence and prosperity, but in fact TPN-OPM has been only making terror, threat and false propaganda for Papuan people .

Similarly, bad luck for Benny Wenda, who is now busy looking for asylum for food and personal gain. Reported from papuatoday.id, British Prime Minister Theresa May revealed to Reuters that the British government considers ULMWP too whiny, "we judge Benny Wenda is too exaggerating and as if it looks spectacular, the British Government can not allow such Separatist groups to live in our country, we plan in the near future to deport their group "
Theresa thought that ULMWP is not reflecting on the Rohingya people in Myanmar, because according to Theresa's judgment that actually violates human rights is Myanmar, while Papua is actually built by the Government of Indonesia. Currently the era of President Jokowi's Government, investment in Papua has been improved. Political prisoners were also released and human rights issues began to be addressed.

So the British Government concludes and the decision will soon dissolve the ULMWP Separatist group in his country and ask Benny Wenda and his group to leave Britain soon, otherwise it will soon be deported by the British government.

Meanwhile, the government of Joko Widodo-Jusuf Kalla continued to make distribution of development in Papua.  Among them were the construction of Trans-Papua Road which has a total length of 4,330 kilometers.

Even,  the government through the Ministry of Public Works (Ministry of Public Works and Housing of the Republic of Indonesia) was boosting road construction in the border region of Papua, Development has now reached 89% and is targeted to be fully connected by 2018.

Nowadays people have started to feel the benefits of Trans Papua and Border Road whch previously walked with a difficult and time-consuming field and able to cross the same path more easily and quickly.

In the existing road segment is also used for the installation of fiber optic network by the Ministry of Communications and Informatics as an effort to connect communication access in Papua.

In addition to the construction of Trans Jaya Road in Jokowi-JK Government, there was also an increase in Human development index in Papua.  Based on the data as follows:
  • Papua increased from 56.75 % (2014) to 57.25 % (2015) and up 58.05 % (2016)
  • West Papua increased from 61.28 % (2014) to grow 61.73 % (2015) and 62.21 % (2016).
  • Life expectancy also showed an increase from 64.76 % (2014) to 64.84 % (2015) and 65.09 % (2016).
  • Acceptance of Healthy Indonesia Card in Papua and West Papua up to July 2017 was recorded as many as 3,337,269 people.
  • BBM one price Rp 6.450 per liter for premium and Rp 5.150 per liter for diesel fuel. 

Source : Tabloid West Papua 002 Year I - December 15, 2017 - January 14, 2018

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