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Chairman of the Papuan People's Assembly (MRP), Timotius Murib, said it would focus on saving the land and the people of Papua, in the second period of the MRP.

"We will do this action this year. We save the lost Papuans' lands seized by the capitalists, "Timotius Murib told reporters on Tuesday (9/1/2018).

The MRP will socialize to indigenous Papuans in order to maintain their self-esteem, especially the land should not be sold or otherwise free of charge to others.

"Regarding customary land we will formulate and socialize to indigenous peoples and to the regions so that they will no longer sell the land for the safety of the young generation of Papua," Timothy added.

Recorded on Tuesday, January 9, elements of MRP leadership and all its members have held the plenary in 2018. Tomotius acknowledged that some agenda that has not been implemented in the past will be done in the period as a program that must be continued.
niversity, Jayapura, Frans Reumi, stated that Papuan customary land is part of the social function that is currently being forced to change into economic function.

"Land has a symbolic and religious significance in each of the diverse ethnic groups in Papua, and now the meaning is facing the challenge of changing its function into economic function," Reumi said.

He suggested that the pluralism of the tribes in each of the indigenous territories of Papua should be a force to maintain the social function of the land. "But so far there has been no solidarity-based consolidation and integration," Reumi explained.

According to him each custom territory is still moving itself so it becomes a challenge how to manage the similarities and differences of the concept of seeing the land that should be a social force together in dealing with the flow of change.

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