Reported from, in Keneyam District, Nduga District, there has been an attack on the Satoandas Satgasban Post Nduga by TPN-OPM members. A TPN-OPM member named Apenangge Kogoya was 20 years old who came to visit the Satgasban Post of Maleo Nduga with the initial intention to stay in touch with 3 other youths.The four young men are still sitting in the honai sitting within the location of the TNI post. The four youths were treated to pastries and soft drinks by the local TNI, who then continued their activities in the post.Suddenly, the four men entered the TNI post and did the breaking and destruction of items in the post using sharp weapons."Members gave warning shots from inside the room, 3 youths fled, while one man kept trying to seize the weapons held by the members," said Kapendam Pos Satgasban Maleo, Nduga.Further explained, the youth still rampage and threaten members of the TNI with machete weapons. Even had time to seize gun weapons belonging to members of the TNI and wounded the hands of members of the TNI. "The gun dropped to the floor so it could not be used, then with the bare hands of the members trying to paralyze the youths who mangled using machete," said Kapendam. As a result of these martial actions, the attacking youth members tersbut even fainted, and then known to die.

From family information, the perpetrator of the attack was often out of the house and into the forest with the intent and purpose is not clear. It was alleged that the perpetrators had been influenced by OPM members in the forest interior, who later joined TPN-OPM members and were then incited to commit acts of assault at the TNI Maleo Nduga post.The cunning, with Apenangge Kogoya's previously known status as ordinary civilian in Maleo, was used by TPN-OPM with the aim of creating conflicts, spreading the issues, and reversing the fact that from the incident it was as if the TNI had killed civilians Maleo, Papua.The motive used by the OPM is one way to bring the issue of human rights abuses committed by the Indonesian government, so that they can be spread as negative propaganda in order to get support both from within and outside the country.

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