Kofiau Island : The Most Beautiful Place for Coral Diversity in the World

Kofiau Island is the smallest and
least visited island among the
major islands of Raja Ampat, a
place for the most beautiful coral diversity
in the world. The island is composed of
limestone, coral reefs, and some volcanic
hills covered by dense rainforests, all
offering a wealth of nature and beautiful

Here we can swim and sunbathe
on the beach, snorkel, dive and do
underwater photography on coral reefs
rich in marine resources. Be careful not to
damage coral reefs anywhere in this area,
and we should not use this area for bad
exploration, climbing, or beachcombing.

We better go on an adventure to the
inland lake across Deer Village, if we’re
lucky, somewhere along the way, we can
see the enchanting Red Bird dance or
see the slick Python Kofiau tree or catch
the noise of passing Hornbills, or hear
screams from yellow-crested cockatoos.

On the southwest side of Kofiau
Proper is a group of flat sandy islands,
including Walo, where several famous dive
sites are waiting for our exploration.

Source : Tabloid West Papua 002 Year I - December 15, 2017 - January 14, 2018

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