Regional Police (POLDA) and Indonesian Army (TNI) Papua Participate in Handling Measles in Asmat, JakartaMinistry of Health (Kemenkes) RI in cooperation with the TNI and Papua Police to control malnutrition and measles in Asmat regency, Papua. Cooperation is important because the health problem has become an Extraordinary Events (KLB).Minister of Health Nila Moeloek said the cooperation is a proof of concern and government's attention to people with malnutrition and measles."This cooperation is an integration of government in the effort of controlling outbreaks of malnutrition and measles. Hopefully with this cooperation can facilitate efforts to control and reduce the number of people with malnutrition and measles, "said Minister of Health in a press statement on Tuesday (16/1).Kemenkes has sent 39 health workers with 11 of them are specialist doctors, ie 1 surgeon, genital specialist, anesthesiologist, obgyn specialist and clinical nutrition specialist, 3 pediatricians, 3 specialists in internal medicine and 4 general practitioners . There are also 3 surgical nurses and 2 anesthesiologists. Other health workers, namely nutrition workers, environmental health workers, and surveillance who perform activities with assigned tasks.Ministry of Health also sent additional food (PMT) for underweight children and PMT pregnant women less chronic energy (KEK) as much as 22 dus PMT toddlers and 30 boxes of PMT Pregnant Women. The number of PMTs will be added with the existing PMT in Jayapura Warehouse and the transportation will be carried out along with a group of TNI and Civil teams related to the handling of this case.Meanwhile, TNI has sent 53 medical team personnel who are members of the TNI Health Task Force (Satgas) consisting of medical specialists and paramedics. Besides, it also delivered drugs as needed, with the priority of measles and diphtheria vaccines and Medical Devices (Alkes). The TNI Health Task Force also carries logistics of ready-to-eat food items of 11,100 packs.Even so, the Papua Police, the ranks provide assistance by deploying medical personnel, providing assistance in the form of food and clothing needed by the community. The team will be led by Kabid Dokkes Polda Papua.The existence of assistance with the Polda is expected in addition to medical action will also be able to mapping areas experiencing health crisis. In addition it also coordinates the activities of the team during there, especially the provision of sea transportation and provide rocks to the parties and facilitate it with all existing facilities."Every health aid is what they (malnutrition and measles sufferers in Asmat) need. Hopefully with the help of the TNI, Polda and especially efforts from the Ministry of Health, the number of outbreaks of malnutrition and measles can be suppressed, "said Minister of Health.

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