BUMN Synergy Increases Connectivity 109 Papua Airport

SENTANI - Public Corporation of Indonesian Aviation Navigation Service Provider (LPPNPI) in synergy with other BUMN to modernize navigation services in Papua to support connectivity 109 airports in Papua ranging from cities to remote areas.

"With the geographical condition of Papua, air transport is a crucial mode for the people of Papua, so the program of modernization of this flight navigation service we launched to improve air connectivity at 109 Papua Airport," said Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (SOE) Rini Soemarno when inaugurating the modernization of navigation services flights in Papua at the AirNav Indonesia Office of Sentani Branch on Friday.

This navigation modernization includes service upgrades to radar services, satellite-based synthetic radar implementation or ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) and the implementation of Performance-Based Navigation procedures.

Rini said this modernization program is a form of government commitment in developing Papua as repeatedly delivered by President Joko Widodo.

"The government is continuing to push various programs in Papua so that the distribution of development will be realized soon. Previous BUMN have been instrumental in realizing BBM one price in Papua, some needs are already equal in price with in Java, and now navigation service in Papua is similar to in western part of Indonesia, "he explained.

Rini appreciated the synergy between SOEs in this modernization program, which is a proof of the joint work of state-owned enterprises being promoted by the government.

"SOEs are state-owned, so each program should contribute to the greatest welfare of the community and to encourage prosperity more quickly and maximally, it takes joint work, synergy SOE.This is a clear proof of us that SOEs present to Papua," he said.

Rini hoped that through the program, air connectivity in the Papua region increased so as to contribute to economic growth and improving the welfare of the people of Papua.

AirNav Indonesia President Director Novie Riyanto explained that there are several BUMN involved in this flight navigation service modernization program.

LPPNPI or known as AirNav Indonesia using ADS-B works of the nation's children developed by BPPT produced by PT INTI.

"We always use international certified equipment that has been certified by ADS-B has been certified by the Ministry of Transportation," he said.
AirNav will install ADS-B in seven locations in Papua. ADS-B will be placed in the property of Bank Mandiri, BRI and BNI.
"This speeds up the modernization program as we save time by putting ADS-B on the property of existing bank friends first.It can be imagined if we had to build more properties to install ADS-B equipment, especially if the electricity in the area had not been installed, this will take time, "he said.
Therefore, Novie appreciated the synergy that was built between the BUMN in this program.
"We appreciate our strategic state-owned PT INTI, BRI, Mandiri and BNI partners who have made their best efforts to implement the modernization of aviation navigation services for Papua AirNav Indonesia is committed to continuously improving the already well-built synergies with our strategic partners, "Novie said.
He explained AirNav Indonesia continues to be committed to supporting government priority programs particularly in the air transportation sector, one of which is increased connectivity, safety and aviation efficiency in Papua.
The investment program launched by Airnav since 2015 is four programs worth Rp3.7 billion and then increased in 2016 to 12 programs worth Rp85 billion and again increased in 2017 to 72 programs worth Rp138 billion.
"We have also upgraded services at Sentani Airport since 18 August 2016 from non-radar to radar service, making the aviation traffic guidance through state-of-the-art procedures and technology, which will improve flight safety and efficiency," he said.
AirNav Indonesia has also implemented Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) procedures in Papua.
"PBN is an aviation navigation procedure using state-of-the-art technology that will trim flight distance and aircraft separation, increase airspace capacity, improve flight safety and efficiency and save fuel consumption," he said.
Through Airnav's various programs and synergies with aviation stakeholders, the runway capacity at Sentani Airport increased from 19 movements per hour to 32 movements per hour.
"Our work is not yet complete for Papua, in the future modernization programs will continue to be launched to improve connectivity, safety and aviation efficiency in the Papua region," he said.
Director General of Air Transportation Agus Santoso expressed his appreciation for the synergy of SOEs in establishing connectivity in Papua.
According to him, the modernization of aviation navigation services in Papua is further strengthening Indonesia's commitment in improving the safety and efficiency of aviation.
Indonesia's safety rating based on USOAP's audit by ICAO put Indonesia at 55th place from 191 ICAO member countries from previously in position 151.
Indonesia recorded a safety value of 81.15% over the world safety standard at 64.71%.
The aviation navigation sector contributed the second highest with an 86% increase from 56%.
Through the modernization of aviation navigation services in Papua, the safety of aviation in the Indonesian air space will continue to be improved, so that safe, comfortable and convenient air transportation can be enjoyed by Indonesians, including in Papua.

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