vice-regent Nabire Hope Badminton Championships Develop the Potential of Athletes

Nabire - Nabire Vice Regent Amirullah Hasyim said the Nabire Open 2017 badminton championship was able to develop the interests, talents and potential of regional athletes.

"This is a strategic move for outstanding athletes," Amirullah said in his speech, at the opening of the badminton championship Nabire Open 2017, Tuesday (12/12/17).

According to him, this kind of championship should be maintained as the annual agenda board of Badminton Association of Indonesia (PBSI) Nabire branch.

"For every year the potential of athletes can be measured," he said.

While the Chairman of the National Sports Committee of Indonesia (KONI) Nabire branch, Madyo Prayitni, expects this event can produce athletes who can compete out of Papua.

"Hopefully later they will achieve beyond Papua," he said.

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