Umuaf Village is no longer dark!


LINGKARPAPUA.COM, KEEROM - The people of the Republic of Indonesia-Papua New Guinea border in Umuaf Village Keerom County Web District live in the dark, can finally enjoy electricity after two decades of life in the dark."This is a Christmas gift for Umuaf village community from the TNI, especially the 512 / QY Yonif Mechanical Task Force who helped to present electricity in this village," said Dansatgas Pamtas of the Republic of Indonesia-Papua New Guinea Mechanical Battalion 512 / QY Lieutenant Colonel Inf Budi Handoko.47 household heads who inhabit the village can enjoy electricity after the 512 / QY Mechanical Accident Task Unit along with the local community to create a Hydroelectric Power Plant (Hydroelectric Power Plant) that assembles a series of dynamo and waterwheel, which can generate power of 15,000 Watt."I'm sure the whole community wants electricity in this village, we just work but all is a gift from God" said Dansatgas.Kristian Prey, Umuaf village head expressed his appreciation and gratitude for the contribution and initiative of the 512 / QY Yonif Mechanical Task Force. Admittedly, since so long the local community is desperate for the presence of lighting in the village."Buy our generator do not have money, not yet buy our oil (BBM) we also heavy. With the electricity from this Satgas we are very happy, our children can learn at night. Once again thanks to Task Force Mechanical 512 / QY "he said full of excitement. (tie / r1)

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