Tourist Destinations with Spectacular Wonders

If you want to find a tourist attraction in
the form of a natural paradise and the
warmness and hospitality of the local
people, who welcomes sincerely and gladly,
come to visit Raja Ampat.

Extraordinary wonders can be enjoyed
in Raja Ampat, which is an island regency
located on the northwestern tip of the Bird’s
Head Peninsula in West Papua Province.
Around 1,500 beautiful small islands
are spread over Raja Ampat in the shape of
a herd of islands, where there are four main
islands, namely Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati,
and Misool.

The name Raja Ampat itself is believed to
come from a legend that tells of a woman who
found seven eggs. Four eggs hatched and
became kings of the four main islands, while
three other eggs became a woman, a ghost,
and a stone.

All of the spectacular marvels can be
enjoyed in all corners of Raja Ampat, both
on land and on water. Various words of praise such as beautiful,
fascinating, majestic, and very interesting get the actual physical
meanings in this place.

For underwater tourism enthusiasts, Raja Ampat offers a
high world-class experience, as it is a vast archipelago, covering
9.8 million ha of land and oceans, and home to coral 540 species,
over 1,000 species of coral fish and 700 species of mollusks. It all
makes Raja Ampat the most diverse living library for coral reefs
and the world’s underwater biota.

According to The Nature Conservancy and Conservation
International, about 75% of the world’s species live in the waters
of Raja Ampat. This enormous amount and level of biodiversity
and reef system is a dream come true for underwater lover divers,
and is a fantastic site for snorkeling lovers.

When you begin your dive, attention will focus on the various
details and beauty of marine biota possessed by waters of Raja
Ampat. Detailed attention gives a new meaning when a Little
Sea Horse swims around our fingers and a Pari fish slides right
beside us. Tuna Fish, Giant Trevallies, Snappers, Batfish, and
even Barracuda will also complete our encounters with t Raja
Ampat’s marine biota. Diving a bit deeper, we will be greeted by a
Dugong fish and a tortoise. While on the seabed, there is a giant
sea shell measuring more than one meter. All of it certainly offers
a sensation of closeness.

Sure enough, there are plenty of places to dive and snorkel
in Raja Ampat’s vast waters. Among them are the Kabui Passage
(the narrow gap between the islands of Waigeo and Gam island),
around Arborek island dock, Sawandarek, Yenbuba, Tembok Friwen, and more.
It seems it was specially designed carefully in detail and able
to exhibit the aesthetics of a stunning natural panorama.
Amid clear blue waters and bright blue skies, the rocky
islands at Piaynemo offer the most spectacular natural scenery
on earth. Looking down from the top of the hill, we will see the
best stretch of natural painting that offers a glimpse of heaven’s

Next, on the island of Wayag, we will find an amazing coral
island formation on an even larger scale.
The extraordinary Raja Ampat wildlife will also be found
in the thick dense jungles of the islands, where we can still
find numerous species of birds, including the spectacular
Cendrawasih, known as the Paradise bird. Furthermore, there is
an endemic specie, the Waigeou cuscus (Spilocuscus papuensis),
which is a marsupial specie in the Phalangeridae family.

In addition to endless natural attractions, Raja Ampat also
offers typical Papuan hospitality. In Arborek Tourism Village, we
can stay in a number of home stays and mingle with the locals
while observing their daily life and unique traditions. When
a group of tourists arrives, they usually perform a traditional
welcome dance at the dock and entertain ‘guests’ with various
Papuan folk songs.

With spectacular wonders, both inland, on the beach, on
water, on land and the serene atmosphere which is rarely found
elsewhere on earth, Raja Ampat really offers the best that can
only be experienced in dreams, a paradise on earth.

Source : Tabloid West Papua 002 Year I - December 15, 2017 - January 14, 2018

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