TNI and Police will hold the People's Party "Christmas Gate of the Door of God's Love"

Keerom, Welcoming the coming of December TNI-Police of Keerom region on the border of RI-PNG held the People's Party of Christmas Gate of the Door of God's Love. This festival also coincides with the celebration of Maulud Prophet Muhammad SAW.
The party was held in Wembi village and Wambes village, Manem district, Keerom district.
The implementation of the folk entertainment party in the village of Wembi featuring Baladewa Band music group that is able to entertain the citizens.
In addition to being entertained by the Band, the committee also distributed basic food packages, as well as enjoyed the dishes that the committee had provided.
No less interesting, the presence of Santa Claus who gave Christmas gifts for visitors both parents, teenagers and children. They stormed Santa Claus to fight for prizes or just take pictures for private collections.
Wembi village head Blasius Phen welcomed this activity. "We on behalf of the residents say many thanks to the Fathers of TNI and the Police all.On last year there was no such event, hopefully the future is also there" said Blasius briefly.
Meanwhile, Dansatgas Yonif 410 / Alugoro, Lieutenant Colonel Inf M Heri Amrullah, S.Sos. in his speech in front of the residents conveyed, that this activity is the beginning of activity welcoming the coming of celebration of Christmas and new year.
"This is a Christmas gate to welcome God's loving month for our Christian brothers and also to coincide with the celebration of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) for our Muslim brothers" said Dansatgas in front of the residents.
Different place at the same time TNI-Police also entertaining villagers of Wambes by watching the movie of the life journey of the Life of Jesus rescuers, The Santa Clause and Merry Christmas. The villagers of Wambes stormed and packed the courtyard yard of Kampung, they enjoyed the entertainment of this movie.


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