The Abepura District is Nominated for a National Healthy City

Jayapura, Abepura District, Jayapura City became the national health race contest nationally. Abepura represents the city of Jayapura who entered the healthy city race held by the health ministry.

"Particularly for Papua Kota Jayapura, Abepura district is the first participant in the assessment of healthy cities," Abepura district chief Boby Awi told reporters on Tuesday (5/12/2017).

Awi said Abepura District recorded the history because it was only in 2017 that Papuan representatives joined the race as a healthy kecamtan. Especially before the delegation from Papua has not participated. "New year 2017 the city of Jayapura follow the activities of this healthy city," said Awi added.

Healthy city race program is assessed from the policy of creating a healthy system physically, environmentally, healthy family private community. Awi said the verification of this healthy city involves the health and environmental sanitation and the city planning office.

"Samples taken in the Abepura district are judged to be worthy of being designated as a healthy city," he said.

According to Awi, the related offices have already come to the field to ensure that there is an Abepura arrangement, one of which is to ascertain whether any waste is dumped into the river basin, especially at the time of the Acai. Awi will ask Abepura residents not to dispose waste factories, garages, and households carelessly.

Pemuda Port Numbay, Fileph Ireeuw, hoping that the Abepura membership representing Jayapura City as a healthy city will not only be done formally. "But what about the real health of the environment, including the arrangement of cities that can be recognized as a truly healthy area," said Fileph.

According to him, the identity of an area, including urban characteristic that is remembered by the wider community. "If the slum and unhealthy scheme becomes the duty of the health department to realize the healthy city of Jayapura," he said.

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