PT Freeport Ambulance Car Hit at, New Woman Childbirth Injured

Mobil Ambulans PT Freeport Ditembaki, Wanita yang Baru Melahirkan Terluka 

Tembagapura - An ambulance car belonging to Tembagapura Hospital was shot in the Utikini area by the Armed Crimes Group, National Liberation Army of the Free Papua Organization (TPN / OPM), Tuesday (24/10/2017), at 14.45 WIT. As a result, a woman who had just given birth was injured fired in the right thigh.

Head of Police Public Relations of Papua Pol Kombes AM Kamal explained, the incident occurred during ambulance Tembagapura Hospital with hull number 01.4414 R Armored move from Tembagapura to Banti Hospital. After arriving in Utikini area, an ambulance driven by Lexi Titalessy was fired from the direction of an old building by a dozen people suspected of armed criminal groups or who claimed to be TPN / OPM.


"A shot about the driver's helmet and passenger named Ibu Serina Kobogau who just gave birth. The bullet hit the victim's right thigh sitting in the back seat. There were two other passengers injured by glass, "Kamal said in a press release received by
Kamal explained that the identity of the passengers in PT Freeport's ambulance vehicle is Lexi Titalessy (driver), Dr Rendi, Anditiya Ocha Ferdiana (medical staff), Mrs. Serina Kobogau and newborn baby, and Tomy Dibitau (Serina's husband). Lexi Titalessy had his helmet shot and flaked in his face with splinters. Dr Rendi also faces exposed glass flakes. While Anditiya Ocha Ferdiana, Tomy dibitau and her baby survived.
"Brother Ocha explained via radio with Tembagapura Police that on the way down from Tembagapura Banti destination hearing 1 eruption from the direction of the old building. After passing in the old Utikini field, fired back about 3 times and saw dozens of people inside the old building. We condemn the shootings because ambulances carry patients who need postpartum care, "Kamal said.


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