On December 1, 2017, former political prisoner (political prisoner) Papua, Yusak Pakage said, has raised the Morning Star flag (BK) on the anniversary of Papua's independence day. "Some areas in the interior have also raised the flag. For example in the south, Kodap IV in the area Meepago, Kodap III in Mimika, and Puncak Jaya region ".

The committee of the National Committee of West Papua (KNPB) Sentani invites the public to commemorate December 1, 2017, by raising the Morning Star flag, as it is the historic day of the West Papuan nation.

Unlike the KNPB Manokwari Region, launched from pacifpost, KNPB Manokwari area only carry out the thanksgiving commemorate the Declaration of Independence Day of West Papua, on December 1, 2017 ago. "So, there are no other activities, just worship services," said Spokesman KNPB Manokwari Region, Joram Magai, Amban, Manokwari. Magai said, on 1 December ago it has appealed to the people of Papua, especially in Manokwari to follow the worship in the houses of worship or do it in their homes. Admittedly, on December 1, there are parties who take advantage of the situation. "There are parties who take advantage of the moment of December 1, 2017 by flying the Morning Star flag and perform other actions", said Magai. According to Magai, the Morning Star flag is not a kite that can be raised and lowered at will.

He said, the people who on December 1, 2017 then fly the flag, it must be reported to the authorities to be processed law.

The statements given by the two figures KNPB perwilayah above to become internal polemic, disharmony, and there is a split in the OPM political organization. Assessing, contrary to the statement given by Yusak Pakage of the KNPB Sentani Region, which declared and wanted the raising of the Morning Star flag in commemoration of December 1, 2017, with a statement given by Joram Magai of the KNPB of Manokwari Region, which said that raising the Morning Star flag was an act that violates the law, and can be dealt with firmly by the authorities.

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