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According to papuanews.id, several groups of west papua movements are not in line with Goliath Tabuni (GT), the West Papua National Committee (KNPB), the Federal Republic of West Papua (NRFPB) and United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) considering some of these groups have different interests. people in Papua are worried that the mass action plan of KNPB sympathizers in order to achieve their goals is often done by anarchist action, because there is an indication that KNPB Baliem has changed its pattern of action from persuasive action into mass action leading to anarchist action.

Propaganda issued by Goliath Tabuni states that the war carried out by TPN / OPM is not to ask for autonomy, pemekaran or ask for drinking, but the war by TPN / OPM to seize West Papua independence. He requested "To the leader of ULMWP, KNPB, NRFPB, WPNCL and PNWP to immediately reform their cabinet and constitution of the organization, given that TPN / OPM does not recognize all cabinet and constitution other than 1 July 1971, therefore TPN / OPM gives warning to playing interests and stifling the struggle for an independent Papua, "he said.

From the Goliath Tabuni statement above, it is clear that there is a harmony between separatist elements in Papua, Goliath Tabuni proved to have criticized the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) led by Benny Wenda who was on the run as well as a political fugitive and now living in London, English.

In fact, Benny Wenda always states that he does not love Papua, but his hometown is Oxford in England, as Wenda says "I always say that Oxford is now my village".

This crisis has become a polemic for supporters or activists of West Papua independent in and outside the country, about the consistency of West Papua's free movement. Therefore ULMWP openly states that the ULMWP Congress has elected and appointed a new leader in the ULMWP Exsutions Division, period 2018-2021, namely: Chairman (Mr. Benny Wenda), Vice Chairman (Oktovianus Mote), Secretary (Rex Rumakeik), Spokesperson ( Yakob Rumbiak), Treasurer (Paula Makobori), Member (Pride App), which Has Been Inaugurated and Declared with the Morning Star Flag Ceremony in the open field, Saralana Vanuatu on 1 December 2017.

In the congress, want more support, but the fact is only a few people who attended the declaration. The declaration was made in the country of Vanuatu not in West Papua or in Britain (where Benny Wenda resides), as some activists and separatist groups in West Papua in Indonesia as well as in some other countries have begun to lose their beliefs and beliefs that whether or not Papuan independence the Papuan community or there are political elements of other countries in it to gain profit. so that some countries and supporters of west papua refuse the declaration activities are held in the country.

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