OJK Papua Plans to Mapping The Potential KUR Distribution

Jayapura - The Papua Provincial Financial Services Authority (OJK) plans to mapping the potential of the People's Business Credit (KUR) distribution sector in 2018, so that the realization can be improved.

"In the near future, we want to map out which business sector is potential to be funded by KUR, so we will cooperate with the local government," said Head of OJK Papua, Misran Pasaribu, in Jayapura on Monday.

He explained that until now the distribution of KUR in Papua is low so it needs to find a solution for the realization can be improved and the economy can be encouraged.

"The problem in Papua is somewhat unique, unlike other regions, especially the many people who do not know about KUR because the level of literacy in Papua is low, then the business sector funded by KUR is relatively less," he said.

But he also admitted if nationally, KUR distribution is still far from the target because until October 2017 only reached 75 percent of the target Rp100, 6 trillion.

"Many people still feel KUR but still ask for collateral, they know KUR without collateral, then many have not informed the existence of KUR," he said again.

Misran also viewed, the banks are very careful to distribute the KUR because this is a government program but the funds used are theirs.

"Many of the banks of KUR distribution are at risk because they are used by banks, not the government, only the government gives subsidized interest to the bank so that the interest of KUR can be small," he said.

Previously, Head of Budget Implementation Section II DJP Papua, Sjarif Donofan Solaiman, mentioned that until the third quarter of 2017, the Government has distributed KUR to 6,183 debtors with total disbursement of Rp267.66 billion or an average of Rp43.29 million per debtor.

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