OAP farmers in Nabire are provided with technical guidance

Nabire, Jubi - Nabire District Plantation Office, Thursday (7/12/107), conducted technical guidance (bimtek) to 120 OAP farmers in the Public Works Department (PU) hall, Nabire.
The head of the Plantation Office through the Head of Pest and Disease Control, Paulus Lantang, said that bimtek is devoted to OAP farmers, providing knowledge and teaching skills in cultivation of agricultural crops.
"It is expected that the farmers of OAP, when finished from this activity, continue to increase production, we deliver a variety of agricultural commodities is not difficult to grow and marketing," he said.
He hopes in the future, the farmers no longer depend on the seeds of agricultural crops imported from outside.
"By continuing to produce agricultural products, the need for crop seeds is no longer waiting from the outside," he said.
One participant, Welly Wambrau, said that besides this bimtek, the officers had to go down the field to see what the farmers had done.
"So officers from the service should see the results in the field," he said. (*)

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