Mass Strike Plans on 22 December in Solomon Island

On December 22nd, 2017, doctors and medical personnel belonging to the Solomon Islands Medical Association (SIMA) association plan to conduct a national strike of mass work. This was in response to a lack of agreement on a doctor's services scheme and a salary increase and a 60-70% allowance at last week's meeting. President SIMA Dr. Claude Posala said that in fact the strike action came into force on Monday 18 December 2017, but they still provide services for the next three days while socializing the mass strike plan to the community.

The problem is that the welfare of medical personnel, the lack of health budget and health service scheme are the concern of the Solomon Islands Medical Association / SIMA association. This condition prompted SIMA to need to propose welfare and health service improvement to the government, but the proposal was criticized by the Solomon Islands government because it was considered to be excessive and improper to apply in the midst of unstable Solomon Islands fiscal and economic conditions, so the Solomon government Islands offer another alternative as a solution that has been rejected by SIMA because the offer is considered not to address the substance in the key areas as well as the main issue of the desired or proposed service scheme.

A review or revision of the Doctor's Service Scheme and a 60-70% salary increase and allowance is actually a demand of SIMA since July 2017 under the leadership of Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare marked by the signing of the agreement, but up to the turn of PM Rick Houenipwela's leadership it has never been followed up by the government, therefore SIMA considers it necessary to conduct a mass strike in an effort to remind the Solomon Islands government under the leadership of Rick Houenipwela in order to return to the previous government's steps promising to pay attention to the welfare of medical personnel. Moreover, health reform is one of the acceleration of development programs in the government of Rick Hounipwela.

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