Keerom Declaration Of Reject The Drugs

KEEROM - Often a drug entry point type of marijuana makes Keerom County very susceptible to the spread of drugs. Seeing that, the local government, the Police, the TNI, the students, and the people of Keerom Regency declared drug rejection.

The Declaration itself aims to protect and introduce the dangers of drug abuse for the younger generation and the entire community of Keerom County. Because nowadays drugs, especially the type of marijuana not only spread to the parents only, but has penetrated to the level of students, proven some time ago caught one student of abuse of marijuana type in the District of East Arso.

Kapolda Papua Inspector General. Pol. Boy Rafli Amar who was represented by Directorate of Drug Investigation Papua Police Commissioner Pol. Ida Bagus Komang said, drugs are enemies of all levels of society that must be overcome by the action of rejection. Because the dangers of drugs are not only harmful to individuals but have threatened the nation's future.

"Drugs are the mother of all evil because of the nakorba other crimes will happen and also drugs can attack various age groups. Therefore, it is our responsibility to maintain the protection of the circulation and use of drug abuse, "he said while attending the Declaration of Keerom Reject Drugs which took place at the Swakarsa Scout Building on Monday (4/12).

Declaration Keerom deny drugs, said Dirserse Drug Polda Papua this is a good step that must be done, so that society and especially the younger generation more understanding about the dangers of drugs.

"Drugs are drugs or substances that are very harmful to one's health and life and very damaging to the generation of the Indonesian nation. Nowadays drug abuse becomes a very concerning problem and tends to increase and requires a stratagi that meliatkan all components of society to unite in the joint movement of the anti-drug moral movement, "he explained.

While the Regent Keerom Drs. Celsius Watae, MH who attended the declaration acknowledged the limitations of facilities and infrastructure, infrastructure including the government apparatus causing some problems in alcohol abuse.

"Though from the local government, religious leaders, community leaders are unrelenting to improve and remind. From the reports in Keerom Resort Police criminal cases ranging from persecution, extortion, domestic violence and so on, mostly from alcohol, "said the Bupati.

Even seeing the condition of the area he leads today, according to the Regent, Keerom is no longer the only area passed by marijuana, but the area that produces marijuana. It can not be separated from the success of Police and TNI who managed to find and destroy the cannabis field in Keerom regency.

Keerom itself, said the Regent, there are five districts directly adjacent to Papua New Guinea (PNG) and is a five-point vulnerable to entry of marijuana suspected to come from PNG. To that end it continues to overcome this by building communication with local communities, including providing drug socialization should not enter Keerom.

To that end, the Regent of Keerom greatly appreciated the performance of the TNI and the Police who had succeeded in neglecting various marijuana smuggling and finding marijuana fields. In the future he hopes the same thing continues and society should be a partner to combat drugs.

"Drug eradication can not only be imposed on one or two parties but we all at Keerom have a responsibility to combat it. For that I hope the people of Keerom to help, love the information to the authorities if you know there is carrying marijuana or marijuana land, let it be dealt with according to applicable law, "said Regent.

"I hope all of us in this room also carry this message that we are all in Keerom deny drugs. Younger siblings briefly have counseling follow and spread to his friends about the dangers of drugs. Let this message continue to grow and be known by all levels of society, "close the Regent.

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