BRI Prepares Rp250 Billion for Christmas

Jayapura - Management of PT BRI (Persero) Jayapura Region prepares Rp250 billion of cash to fulfill the needs of Christmas 2017 and New Year 2018 in Papua and West Papua Provinces.

"The total of Rp250 billion of currency is expected to fulfill the needs of our customers spread across Papua and West Papua, as well as by our point of view in serving cash by Bank Indonesia (BI)," said Head of BRI Territory Jayapura, I Wayan Nasta, in Jayapura on Monday.

He said the cash preparation is already scattered throughout the work area and BRI is ready to increase the amount if it feels the existing stock has not been able to meet all requests from customers.

"Particularly in the district of Serui we have set aside Rp125 billion in currency to serve Yapen and Waropen Islands," he said.

Although providing cash, but he still appealed to the public can more prioritize non-cash transactions and reduce the use of currency.

Previously, the Bank Indonesia Provincial Representative Office (BI) prepares currency of Rp 4 trillion to face Christmas 2017 and New Year 2018 which is believed to be the need for increased cash.

"For 2017 BI has prepared to fulfill the needs of Christmas and new year Rp4 trillion, actually if the calculated Rp3, 6 trillion, but rounded up is done to anticipate the withdrawal," said Deputy Head of Representative Office of Papua Papua, Fauzan.

He explained that the preparing of cash in large quantities was already in line with the realization calculation in the previous year, where in 2016 BI prepared Rp 5 trillion but realized Rp3 trillion.

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