Inflation in Jayapura and Merauke is the lowest in Papua

Jayapura - Central Bureau of Statistics of Papua says inflation rate in Jayapura and Merauke is the lowest in Papua Province. It was assessed the influence of the performance of the Regional Inflation Control Team (TPID) is significant if dibadingkan with the previous year.

"Not only the rate per month but the rate per year in Merauke and Jayapura City has decreased the inflation is good," said Head of Statistics, BPS Papua, Bambang Wahyu Ponco Aji, Monday (3/12/2017)

He mentioned that the commodities affecting inflation in Merauke are influenced by the increasing demand for air transport, and some food commodities such as mujair, cabbage, cigarettes, spinach and thigh fish, chicory and crabs.

"Meanwhile, in Jayapura City affecting deflation is cayenne pepper, onion, kale, yellow tail and household fuel and detergent soap, carrots and tuna," Bambang added.

He mentioned nationally, Jayapura City ranked 71 and 12 at Sulampua level, while Merauke ranked 40th in national level and fourth in Sulampua.

"In November 2017, both CPI cities in Papua were experiencing different index numbers, Jayapura City was deflation of 0.09 percent and Merauke experienced inflation with consumer price index respectively 128.81 and 132.49 percent," he said.

A large trader of onion and garlic, La Hasan, admitted that the price of onion is still high around Rp 27 thousand per kilo gram.

"The price is still Rp 27 thousand and the price of garlic reaches Rp 20 thousand," he said.

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