Four Russian Military Aircraft Will Practice Navigation in Papua

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Biak - By carrying four of its planes, the Russian military will conduct the exercises in Biak, Papua. They are planned to carry out navigation exercises in Papua for 5 days.

Two planes brought by Russia have arrived at Frans Kaisepo Airport on Tuesday (5/12) yesterday. The two planes carry 81 Russian soldiers.

"The presence of Russian troops in the framework of Test Navigation Planes and Tours in the District Biak Numfor," said Danlanud Manuhua Biak Numfor, Colonel Pnb Fajar Adriyanto, in his press release, Tuesday (5/12)

Fajar said the Russian military personnel would be in Biak on December 4-9, 2017. "They will only stay in Biak for sightseeing, they will not go anywhere else," Fajar said.

In addition to the two Russian heavy-duty Ilyushin-76 aircraft, there will be two more Russian planes coming to Biak, the Tupolev TU-95 bomber. There will be a total of 110 Russian military personnel who will arrive in Biak.

Dawn explained the arrival of the Russian aircraft was part of a collaboration between the Indonesian National Army (TNI) and its Russian counterpart who chose Biak as a training ground. This flight will be the first exercise of Russian military aircraft passing through the Equator.

"The planes fly directly from Russia for 12 hours, and this will be the first time they fly near the Equator. Russian aircraft are not equipped with radar, ammunition, or cameras because the navigation exercise will only include checking the long-distance accuracy floating above the ocean, "he added.

Separately, Kadispen AU Marsma TNI Jemi Trisonjaya said the Russian Air Force (AU) will also show its ability to maneuver in space. Biak residents are also given the opportunity to see Russian military aircraft from close range.

"In addition, the Russian Air Force will also carry out a static show, and give Biak people a chance to get a close look at their planes from Wednesday to Friday (8/12)," Jemi said.

Jemi hopes cooperation between the two countries could improve the aerospace military insight. In addition, this cooperation is considered to bring positive value for Indonesian tourism.

"It is expected that this Russian AU visit can enhance air force cooperation between the two countries and introduce tourism potential in Indonesia. In addition, the visit could provide additional insights and knowledge for TNI AU personnel about the operational capabilities of Russian aircraft through interaction with Russian AU personnel, "he concluded.

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