DPMK Nabire did socialize the use of village funds


Nabire, Jubi - Secretary of the Village Community Empowerment Service (DPMK) of Nabire Regency, Saverius Tebai, said the purpose of the socialization of supervision and use of village funds in 2017, to improve the knowledge of village government apparatus, especially Chairman of Musyawarah Kampung (Bamuskam), secretary and treasurer kampung .
"So they know how to manage the funds disbursed by the central government and to increase the knowledge of village government officials," said Saverius in his report on the socialization event on Wednesday (20/11/17).
It is said Tebai, the expected target in the socialization is to improve the coordination between the village government and Bamuskam in the administration.
"This activity we held for two days, namely socialization on Wednesday (29/11), and the second day, tomorrow, is technical guidance For technical guidance should be held in their respective kampung, but in order to shorten the time then done on the second day only , "He said.
According to Tebai, and on the second day, the signing of the commitments of the district heads to carry out their duties in their respective villages.
"There are three points in the agreement later that is, one village head (kakam) ready to use the funds provided in a transparent manner. Second, kakam can empower women and children and youth, and thirdly how kakam not neglect the main duty in running wheels of village government, "he said
Meanwhile one of the participants, Plt. The head of the Kimi District Wardy Village, Anton Rumaniowi, admitted that he was happy to join the activity because it increased his knowledge on the use of the village funds.
"There is additional knowledge in the management of village funds later," he said.
Total socialization participants were 80 kakam, 15 district heads as Nabire District, five participants from BP4D, five from finance, and five from DPMK. While the speakers are representatives of Ministry of Home Affairs, Lampung Hall, Balai Malang and Kompak NGO. (*)Reporter: Titus Rubantitus@tabloidjubi.comEditor: Galuwo


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