Commemorating Mother's Day, Isaias Regent Highlighted Violence Against Women

Nabire, Nabire Regent Isaias Douw is present at the 89th Mother's Day celebration in 2017, at the Nabire Guest House building, Tuesday (05/12/17).

In his speech, he reminded especially the mothers of the meaning and meaning of a momentum of resurrection and the raising of a sense of unity and unity, and the movement of women's struggle that can not be separated from the revival and struggle of the nation.

"With age, it is expected to give encouragement, especially mothers, in order to be able to improve the quality and productivity of human resources as a whole, so that the future of mothers will be able to face the increasingly complex demands and challenges of life today and in the future" arrived.

According to Isaias, a mother, in addition to having the duty and responsibility to take care of the family, also has a very important role in creating a just and prosperous society equally.

"The facts show that there has been a lot of success and progress achieved by women, but it is undeniable that the conditions of women and children are still vulnerable to violence, exploitation and treatment of discrimination, rape and murder are still high" he said.

Head of the Nabire Women and Children Empowerment Office, Yufenia Mote, said that through the government's "Three Ends" program, violence against women, trafficking in women and the inequity of economic access to women can be overcome.

"We look at the situation and condition of the nation in general and more specifically faced by women in Nabire regency in order to further harmonize the policy direction of women's empowerment and child protection, in this area in the future," he said.

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