Christmas at Kanmapri Village, Military rayon Command 1710-06 / Agimuga Sharing Gift and Santa Hat With Kids


LINGKARPAPUA.COM, TIMIKA-Despite being in the interior, and away from the urban Christmas nuance that is always vibrant with various attributes and symbols of Christmas, but that does not mean children in Kanmapri Village, Jita District, Mimika Regency can not feel the joy and happiness ahead Christmas celebrations, December 25, 2017.

The form of love touches the Command of Military Rayon 1710-06 / Agimuga as proclaimed by Commander XVII / Cenderawasih, Maj. Gen. (TNI) George E. Supit, that December is a month of love, then last week Koramil personnel 1710-06 / Agimuga doing Christmas safari activities by visiting citizens and children who are members of the Church of Baptia Anugerah Indonesia (GBIA) Church in Kanmapri Village, Jita District, Mimika Regency.

"Our presence in the village of Kanmapri yesterday was a surprise for residents and children at Church GBIA, because without planning, so we are very touched to see the happy faces, full of joy to welcome Christmas, though what we give is not too meaningful but the touch is what they feel is getting the attention of the government ", said Serge (TNI) Jefri Ronald Tenu, Babinsa Komando rayon military 1710-06 / Agimuga in the release sent XVII / Cenderawasih to yesterday.

Delivery of parcels was done by Sergeant Two (TNI) Jefri Ronald Tenu in church GBIA Kampung Kanmapri, where in addition to the grocery package, on that occasion also Sergio Jefri Ronald Tenu handing out satches to the children in the village that welcome with joy by all the children there.The surprise of Christmas presents, apparently has its own impression for the local village children. Moreover, the location of Jita District in the interior and very far from urban areas.Not only the children of Christmas parcels and loving aid are also handed over to local church officials.

"They are all delighted to be celebrating Christmas and also to thank Babinsa who is concerned with the community then at the end of the whole activity of conducting the photo together as a form of togetherness between the TNI and the people", said Sergio Jefri as in the release submitted Pendam XVII / Cenderawasih. (tie / r1)

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