Building Indonesia from the Environs

The amount of transferred budget to the region and the Village Fund of 2017 for the province of Papua show the government’s commitment to decentralization and the government’s partiality to build Indonesia from the environs according to the spirit of Nawa Cita. Therefore, local governments should use the budget properly and appropriately.

The regency/ city government is expected to improve the competence and capacity of the apparatus in order to work professionally, both in managing local finances as well as servicing the community. All Satkers have accelerated budget absorption by starting pre-auction projects by 2017 at the end of 2016, so that by the start of 2017 all activities will be effective. Delayed infrastructure development activities due to savings in 2016 are continued in 2017 with existing ceilings by improving monitoring and evaluation of spending through intensive synergies and coordination across government levels and reinforced with information technology-based systems.

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