Budget of Air Bridge in Papua Reaches Rp 400 Billion

Anggaran Jembatan Udara di Papua Mencapai Rp400 Miliar 

JAKARTA - The Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) has budgeted approximately Rp400 billion to test air bridge program in 12 cities in Papua province. The program that has been done so that price disparity in eastern Indonesia can be suppressed has been initiated since two months ago.
"From the development budget of Directorate General of Sea and Land Affairs about 35% we dedicate to Papua, because so many airports we have to build, so many things we need to improve in order to support the air bridge program," said Minister of Transportation (Menhub) Budi Karya Sumadi after becoming keynote speaker at Red Top Hotel Jakarta, Tuesday (10/10/2017).
In addition to reforming the ports, and local airports in several cities in Papua, the Minister of Transportation also states, for the cost of cargo type air transport. Therefore, to transport the logistics to the 12 cities in Papua needed a cargo type aircraft. Differences with the pioneer aircraft used to carry passengers. "Actually we also have talks with several airlines, even among airlines that are ready to cooperate," he continued.
On that occasion, Budi added, in order to support the program of sea toll and air bridge also prepared our home program. Namely logistics houses built in distant places used to distribute gradually goods.
"So the goods are not necessarily driven by the middlemen because all this time, the middlemen are enjoying the subsidy, as the price does not go down," he explained.
In fact, continued Budi, his side met the things that are inappropriate during a visit to Waikabu. Apparently, there is no decrease and even unstable price of staple goods. In fact, already done supply. The reason is said Minister of Transportation was because the basic goods supplied purchased middlemen.


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