12 Cities in Papua Become Air Bridge Pilot Project

12 Kota di Papua Jadi Pilot Project Jembatan Udara 

JAKARTA - The government began to implement the air bridge program since two months ago. Meanwhile, the government currently focuses on 12 cities in Papua Province.
Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi confirmed that this year the air bridge program focuses on Papua. Precisely in 12 remote cities in the hills of Papua, because the program as a national pilot project.
"I do not know the cities, only 12 cities in Papua that we make pilot project for air bridge program," he said after becoming keynote speaker at Red Top Hotel Jakarta, Tuesday (10/10/2017).
He mentioned, this air bridge program for the logistics industry to be better. "Conceptually we make this trade follow the flight or trade follow the ship, which is where our brother in the east has limited range, able to enjoy logistic supply with reasonable price, but we can not fill the flight or ship back to Jakarta or Surabaya, "he added.
More important than that, continued Budi, can reduce disparity between Java and Papua. Currently, in ministry records there is a decrease of approximately 20 percent to 40 percent.
"But I am more fortunate to say conservative 20% only and it is certain that the presence of sea tolls and air kembatam is to ensure and control the prices in the distance it remains stable," he added.
In fact, still said Budi, the price of the main goods can be reached with a cheaper price again. Indeed, the cost of logistics is very high, especially for the cost of transportation. However, getting 20% ​​is good.


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