Various Competitions Liven Up Proclamation of Korpri Anniversary in Jayapura City Level

JAYAPURA - In order to welcome the 46th anniversary of Corps of Employees of the Republic of Indonesia (Korpri) in 2017, Jayapura City Government held various races in the field of Jayapura Mayor's office on Friday (24/11/17).
Chairman of the committee of the Korpri Anniversary in Jayapura City level, Sem Stenly Meraudje, said the races are performed such as women's volleyball competition, soccer, tug of war, and table tennis.
The competition was followed by state civil servants (ASN) in Jayapura City Government, marked by a leisurely stroll at the Mayor's office in Jayapura.
"The main ceremony with the red flag of puith on November 29th at Waena hero's grave park attended by Muspida and vertical agency in Jayapura City," said Sem.
"Our hope are that ASN should love this organization because it is a place to work for a living," Sem added.
Deputy Mayor of Jayapura Rustan Saru, said with the theme of this Korpri anniversary, which is 46 years Korpri work together every time, so that ASN more active in work.
"Korpri Celebration this time I expect employees in the government of Jayapura City to enter and return office on time and improve performance and semanagat in work," said Rustan.
Not forgetting the opportunity Rustan invites the ASN not to get involved in the implementation of elections to the region (Pilkada), both the Governor Election, Regent, Mayor and President in Papua.

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