UK to Cooperate with Papua Provincial Government

Starting next year, the UK Government is committed to working with the Provincial Government of Papua education sector through Cambridge University which is the second oldest university in the world.
This was disclosed by British Ambassador to Indonesia Moazzam Malik after meeting with Papua Governor Lukas Enembe, S.IP, MH at Gedung Negara, Friday (17/11/2017) night, accompanied by Papua Secretary Hery Dosinaen, Head of Bappeda Papua , Muh.Musa’ad and Head of Education Office Elias Wonda.
This cooperation in the long term by teaching English to the sons of Papuaagar able to compete with the tribe of migrants from other provinces in Indonesia.
“There must be an educational investment, for that Cambridge UK will teach Papuan children to speak fluent English,” he said.
According to him, preparing reliable Papuan children needs to be done in order to lead a modern and advanced economy. “If the program succeeds it is certainly very beneficial for the future generation of Papua,” he said.
He explained, considering the offer from Cambridge University is very limited, so it wants the Government of Papua really take advantage of this opportunity.
“The bottom line is the program to improve the English poaching capability in Papua. Thus the future of Papuan sons will enjoy more opportunities to learn, and certainly some of them will go abroad to take an international higher education, “he said.
In addition to the education sector, the UK has also cooperated in the field of renewable energy with the Papua Provincial Government. British Ambassador Moazzam Malik said that his side strongly supports Papua, especially responding to the aspirations of people in all fields.
“Next year the British Embassy will command the team to Papua. They will see and if there is an opportunity to support electricity but environmentally friendly, “said Moazzam Malik.

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