This is Papua Governor's Hope from Border Trade Fair RI-PNG

Jayapura, PAPUANEWS.ID - Assistant for the Economy and People's Welfare of the Papuan Regional Secretary Elia Loupatty representing the Governor during the closing of the three-day Border Trade Fair (23 -25 november 2017) at Skouw Post-Border Area (PLBN), Muara District Tami, Jayapura City, on Saturday (25/11). Said, the Papua Provincial Government expects through the Border Trade Fair RI - PNG can be the starting point for the opening of economic and trade cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and the South Pacific country.
It is said that the implementation of Border Trade Fair RI-PNG and South Pacific Countries is a golden bridge for business people to gain new business opportunities through business to business cooperation in investment and trade.
Therefore, Loupatty hopes that, through this exhibition activity will encourage increased trade volume for both countries and can build cooperation ties between RI-PNG and South Pacific countries.
"I am confident that during this exhibition activity there has been communication and transactions between business actors and visitors," he believes.
Meanwhile, Suzanna Wanggai explains, Border Trade Fair RI-PNG and South Pacific countries is the first activity implemented by the Papua Province. This activity is carried out, because the relationship between the Government of Indonesia and the PNG government is getting better and closer, especially the RI-PNG together has been building facilities at the Border, especially in the North in Skouw where all can see how magnificent facilities RI border facilities PNG limit.
For that reason, said Susi, his side saw the importance of needing an activity that is not only a human cross-border facility only. But also need to be implemented an activity in trade cooperation relationship.
On the sidelines of the exhibition also held a business meeting between RI and PNG. "We have a commitment there should be a forum where we can accommodate economic business actors between RI-PNG," he said.
Further explained, initially planned to provide only 20 booths but then increased to 50 booths. Over time the enthusiasm of citizens of Indonesia and PNG is very strong. Then the promotion is quite vigorous. Moreover, business actors from PNG participate to register to be both involved in this activity.
"Maybe after this activity we will meet the Papua Provincial Government to conduct joint evaluation. We propose that this activity can be implemented every year, "he concluded.


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