This is the Evidence of OPM Perpetrators of Terror in Timika

Hasil gambar untuk Ini Bukti OPM Pelaku Teror Di Timika  
 Timika, PAPUANEWS.ID - The police said the results of the forensic laboratory testing of bullets conducted by Puslabfor Mabes Polri Kalimalang, Jakarta, recently proved that the perpetrators of a series of shoot terror acts in Tembagapura, Mimika Regency, Papua Province, are armed criminal groups (KKB) .
Detective Criminal Investigation Unit of Mimika Police AKP Dionisius VD Paron Helan in Timika said on Monday that based on forensic laboratory tests conducted by Police Headquarters, it was known that bullets used by KKB were caliber 5.56 millimeters and 7.62 millimeters caliber.
"Labfor's test results as a proof. It turns out the bullet casings we find fit the type of weapon used by the KKB. That is, the shooter was indeed KKB, "said Dionysius.
He explains the testing of bullet casings found from several shooting locations using the method of `scientific crime investigation. The bullet was found in three vehicles belonging to PT Freeport Indonesia who were shot by KKB in Mil 61, Tembagapura District on Sunday (24/9).
The three vehicles are the water tank truck, JDA patrol car and Escort RP 25 car. In addition to examining the bullet casings, the police also took samples of the blood of the shooter found on the scene. There was a contact between the security forces and the perpetrators.
"The result is positive, it's human blood," explains Dionysius.
Some time ago, Mimika police station sent two investigators to East Jakarta carrying three bullet casings and a blood sample of the perpetrators found at the shooting site for a forensic laboratory test at the Police Headquarters. The effort is related to the process of investigation and law enforcement against the KKB which has been doing a series of shootings of terror acts around the city of Tembagapura.

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