This 14 Locations Will Enjoy One Price Fuel in 2018

Jakarta - PT Pertamina Marketing Operation Region (MOR) VIII targets BBM 'One Price' program can be run in 14 locations in Maluku, North Maluku, Papua and West Papua in 2018. Thus, it is expected that more and more people in the eastern region of Indonesia who can enjoy fuel at affordable prices.
General Manager of Pertamina MOR VIII Made Adi Putra said MOR VIII, which covers the four provinces, was assigned to implement the BBM 'One Price' program in 33 locations.
In 2016, this BBM 'One Price'  program has been implemented at eight points in Papua Province, namely Anggi, Sugapa, Kasonaweja, Kabokma, Wenam, Elelim, Kenyam and Ilaga Subdistricts. While in 2017, the plan of the program will operate in 11 points.
From 11 points, five locations are already in operation, namely Morotai and West Kayoa in North Maluku, Amalata in Maluku, Moswaren in West Papua and Paniani in Papua.
Until the end of 2017, it is targeted that there will be six more points to be operated, namely Tambraw and Inanwatan in West Papua, then Supiori, Waropen, Oksibil and Boven Digoel in Papua.
"In MOR VIII it is assigned as many as 33 points, which are already in operation (in 2016 and 2017) 13. Until the end of this year (targeted to be) 19 points This is the remaining six points," he said in Jayapura, Papua, as written (11/22/2017).
While for 2018, Made said his side targets there are 14 location points that will implement the BBM 'One Price' program, such as Maybrat, Bintuni and Wondama in West Papua. Then Aru, Tolikara, Bolakme, Abenaho, and Keerom in Papua.
Furthermore, Ibu Selatan, Weda and Maba Selatan in North Muluku, and North Taliabu, Central Sulabesi and Buru in Maluku.
"In North Maluku three points, Maluku is three points, the remaining eight points in Papua and West Papua," he said.
Made said, in realizing this BBM 'One Price' program, the challenge Pertamina faced was the difficulty of access to remote locations. Even at many points, access to the distribution of fuel can only be done through air lines that transport costs are also not cheap.
"This is because the remote area, the transportation of the material, especially in the mountains must pass through the air, and for the supply we also have extraordinary obstacles," he said.

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