The People Appreciate the Completion of the Trans Papua Project

The people of Nduga District, Papua Province, are grateful to the Central Government for the completion of the trans-Papua road linking the regencies in the mountainous regions of Papua.
Trans Papua road has connected Mumugu District in Asmat regency to Batas Batu which is the border of Nduga District and Asmat Regency, and continued to Nduga - Jayawijaya Regency.
"The people of Nduga all accept it, none of the people who do not accept this way, if anyone says that people do not accept it is a particular group," said Nduga Head of National Nduga District Police Andi Ashari in Wamena, Jayawijaya, Sunday (21/05/2017), quoted from Antara.
Andi Ashari stated that the community also expects after 2019 the trans-Papua road which is now done by the Ministry of Public Works in cooperation with the TNI has been paved.

"The people are very happy, because once from Mbua District (Nduga) it was going to Wamena (Jayawijaya) it took one day trip, but now it can be reached with strada, even just took four hours already," he said.
During a working visit to Jayawijaya to see the construction of the trans-Papua road yesterday, President Joko Widodo called on the TNI and the Ministry of Public Works to maintain cooperation to open isolated areas in Papua through trans-Papua road construction.
"I think if a duet like this is done continuously, it will accelerate the construction of trans-Papua road." All trans-Papua roads will be done that way so that there is acceleration of trans-road development, "said Jokowi.
Jokowi admits his field is very heavy to be done alone by the Ministry of Public Works.
"If we see a field that is at an altitude of three thousand two hundreds like this, it is very difficult, so that can enter early is indeed the TNI, later the Ministry of Public Works to follow asphalt," said President Joko Widodo.

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