Pasiter Kodim 1705 / Paniai Monitor Extension Constraints on Rice Fields

The 1701 / Paniai Kodim military station was accompanied by 2 persons of babinsa 1705-04 / Napan reviewing the ongoing land expansion of rice paddy program on Saturday 04 November 2017 located in Makimi District of Nabire Regency, Papua.

In the paddy field program that is currently underway in Nabire Regency, certainly there are various obstacles that appear in the field, the constraints will certainly hamper the work that affects the final result in the success of the program certak sawah.

Therefore the Kodim 1705 / Paniai District, Captain Inf Eko Sulistyono, who was accompanied by 2 people babinsa 1705-04 / Napan immediately jumped into the field to review the ongoing work on site. This activity aims to find out the real obstacles that this slama occurs, so that the elements involved can take appropriate action to support the success of the paddy field.

On the occasion of this review, found a non-technical constraints in the location that was delivered by Warmin as a heavy equipment operator that during this most principal obstacle that we often find is the amount of wood we have to collapse. So we often have difficulty and heavy equipment we often experience disruption in the face of work.

This sowing was immediately embraced by Pasiterdim 1705 / paniai, which was established by a group of cutting trees. So before the machine opens then this group who will be entering the location first.

"Their job is to cut down large timber that would make it difficult to operate heavy equipment. In order for the heavy equipment can work more leverage, and certainly can achieve targets that have been agreed in previous meetings," said Paster.

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