SPSI Welcomes UMP Papua revision Being idr 3 Million

Jayapura, PAPUANEWS.ID - The All Indonesian Workers Union (SPSI) welcomes the revised UMP Papua Decision of Rp 2,895,650 to Rp 3,000,000 by Papua Province Secretary Hery Dosinaen and Head of Manpower Office Yaan Piet Rawar.

it was said by SPSI Chairman Nurhaidah told reporters on Monday (27/11/2017). According to him, in the meeting between the SPSI, the Secretary of Papua with the Head of Department of Manpower has agreed SPSI proposal is to take the middle road on the number Rp 3 million.

"We from SPSI are very satisfied with the decision of Mr. Sekda, because our aspirations have been accommodated, there is a decision from Mr. Sekda to make revisions, so requested to the Department of Manpower to prepare the administration and will be submitted to the Governor," said Nurhaidah.
Touched about entrepreneurs who can not afford to pay according to UMP, according to Nurhaidah, companies in Papua are able to pay higher than UMP.

So, the government should have data about companies that are capable and unable to pay the UMP. However, we in Papua do not have data and according to the Manpower Office they do not have the budget to conduct the survey, "he said.

With this UMP revision, he said, it hoped the Manpower Office could get more budget by 2018, thus, the Manpower Office could conduct a survey to companies that pay the wages of workers according to the Papua UMP.

"Every year there should be a survey by the Government against the company in paying the workers whether in accordance with the UMP set, but this year does not exist. We hope the future must have a survey, "he hoped.


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