Serious Proof of Central Government Build Papua's Economy

Jakarta, PAPUANEWS.ID - The seriousness of President Jokowi to build various infrastructure in Papua to get appreciation from various circles of society and politicians, but the effort needs to be supported the role of mass media and social media in building optimism and nationalism.

Bobby Adhityo Rizaldi, Member of Commission I of the House of Representatives from the Golkar faction said in Jakarta, Monday, the massive infrastructure development in Papua is a testament to the seriousness of the Jokowi Government in promoting Papua.

Bobby exemplified the construction of a trans-Papua road connecting Papua and West Papua, bridges, airports, dams.

"Indeed, my party did not support Jokowi in 2014, but we have to admit, for Papua already a lot done by Jokowi-Jusuf Kalla Government. Until now Jokowi has visited six times in Papua. Funds provided by the Central Government to Papua are also very large, "said Bobby Adhityo in a discussion at Press Council Building, Kebon Sirih, Central Jakarta.

The discussion was held by Social Media for Civic Education (SMCE) with the theme: The Role of Media in Building Optimism and Papuan Nationalism. Besides Bobby Adhityo, he also attended as a senior researcher of LIPI (Indonesian Institute of Sciences), Adriana Elisabeth and Executive Director of Komunikonten, Hariqo Wibawa Satria.
Before delivering the material, Adriana Elisabeth asked the 93 participants who were present, who among you had read the map of Papua, he then suggested that the younger generation would be more active in reading and looking for information related to Papua by not only reading the news but also books and documents.

"We must understand the history of Papua, without it we can not talk about Papua. They in Papua are our brothers, not others. We from LIPI propose a national dialogue related to Papua, the goal is that we understand each other, of course we want Papua forever in NKRI, "said Adriana Elisabeth.

In fact, Adriana said, President Jokowi has appointed three people who are mandated to facilitate dialogue. "So there has been progress, this stay is maximized. This is an improvement, so in addition to infrastructure development that we deserve appreciation, dialogue path has been taken by the government, "he said.

Related to the role of media, Adriana Elisabeth explained that LIPI together with the press council continue to coordinate, the plan on December 18, 2017 we have a common agenda.
"The media obviously have an important role in building Papua, because no matter how small the development in Papua is appropriately raised by the media. The advantages and disadvantages need to be reported to be an improvement, "said Adriana.

Executive Director of Komunikonten, Institute of Social Media and Diplomacy, Hariqo Wibawa Satria said the message that Jokowi seriously build Papua has come to the people who voice free Papua.

Therefore, many have returned to NKRI, although there are still some who voiced independence. To them, to be patient by continuing to provide facts and show sincere good intentions.

Hariqo also appreciated the role of the media in conveying the real work of the Government in Papua and the hopes of the Papuan people. Live now how these facts are distributed more strategically.

"The media should be appreciated, because it is quite balanced, if some say the media only quotes TNI, Police or Government I think less reading. Because one and two things we should not generalize, "said Hariqo.


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