Seltius Waker is still trying to terrorize the people in Tembagapura

After the end of hostage taking by KKSB in Tembagapura District, KKSB group is still continuously trying to terrorize the people in the area.
KKSB in Tembagapura led by Seltius Waker actively sends his members to monitor the region and seek information that they will use to attack the TNI and Police officers and terrorize the people in the region.
It is estimated that Seltius Waker will continue to work on terror acts to maintain his credibility as group leader in Tembagapura region, amidst the confidence of KKSB members towards him.
Crime The robbery and rape perpetrated by KKSB leader Seltius Waker did not get the support of the local community because it does not reflect the noble adat community in Tembagapura region.
In addition, the uncivilized criminal acts by Seltius Waker and his group are conducted solely for the benefit and greed of personal passion which is done by using the name of the Papuan people.
Hopefully the Papua community through cooperation with the TNI and Polri can improve security and security and protection of human rights for all people in Tembagapura.
May God bless the whole community in Papua and throughout Indonesia.
Greetings of peace.

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