Rejecting Support for KNPB, Manokwari Legislative Member Persecuted to Death

Manokwari, PAPUANEWS.ID - A Manokwari Legislative Member, West Papua was found dead covered in blood with wounds disekujur body, Friday (25/8).
This happened after a member of the Regional House of Representatives (DPRD) known as Minus Yowen (41) refused to provide financial support for peaceful demonstration of anti-Papuan development group which is planned to be held on Sunday (28/8).
Eyewitness, who is also a neighbor of the victim, said that Minus was initially visited by a group of unknown people at his home in SP 6 Masni District, Manokwari District, West Papua, wearing red clothing that read "Opposition", some of them using a jeweled star accessories."I see there are many people in the house of Mr. Minus with red clothing and mosaic stars," said an eyewitness to the editorial of Papua News.
Not long after witnesses saw it, there was a commotion from inside the house. Minus who refused to provide support for KNPB were persecuted in their own homes without resistance, while eyewitnesses contacted the Manokwari District Police for help.
Manokwari Police Chief AKBP Christian Roni Putra who we contact via mobile phone confirmed the incident. But after a member of the Manokwari District Police arrived at the scene, the perpetrator had fled the scene.
"Yeah right, yesterday I got a report about the mistreatment of a group of unidentified people who were identified as KNPB members and resulted in a Manokwari legislator dies on the way to the hospital," said Kapolres.
A resident, Albert Yowen who is a relative of the victim and willing us to question the condemnation of KNPB members and ask the police to arrest the perpetrators and dissolve the organization.
"They should be arrested and punished as hard as possible. If necessary, the police must dismiss the useless organization, "he said. (Red, Ki)


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