Regent Keerom Visit RI-PNG Border

Keerom ( - Regent Keerom Celsius Watae and his entourage visit to Pos Kotis Satgas Pamtas RI-PNG Yonif Mechanical 512 / QY in Senggi District Keerom Regency, Thursday (23/11/2017).
In the working visit, the Regent Keerom Celsius Watae gave appreciation and motivation to Pos Kotis troops Satgas Pamtas RI-PNG Mechanical Yonif 512 / QY who was in charge of maintaining the sovereignty of NKRI.
On the same occasion, Celsius Watae and his entourage also took the time to see the agricultural land that was planted with vegetables by members of Satgas Pamtas 512 / QY. Prayer says, "The 512 / QY task force is good, on the sidelines of his busyness in carrying out the duty of the state also still want and the spirit to grow crops and the results are also quite good," he said.

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