President Joko Widodo mentioned Trans Papuas development

President Joko Widodo touched on the construction of Trans Papua in the Culture National Symposium on Year 2017 in Jakarta, Monday (20/11/2017).
Even so, many of the inputs indicate whether it needs to be built right now because of the big budget.
However, the President asserted that the development of Trans Papua is not only economic affairs, but the problem of equitable development and social justice for all Indonesian people.
"This question is like a chicken and an egg, built a new infrastructure of economic growth is there or waiting for economic growth there are newly built roads," said Joko Widodo quoted by Antara.
The President asserted that infrastructure is not possible to be built only in Java, but must be evenly distributed to all regions in Indonesia.
The President also realized if viewed from the 'return' (break-even) economy in Java is faster return, as well as if associated with politics because 60 percent of the population is in Java.
"But this is a matter of even distribution of development, how do we unite the whole country if there is an infrastructure inequality," he said.
The President acknowledged that between the western and eastern regions still has much difference related to the infrastructure it has.
"Very visible, imagine if people in Wamena want to go to Nduga have to walk four days and four nights through the jungle," he said.
The President claimed to have visited Nduga, despite warning of dangerous areas by the TNI Commander and Chief of Police.
Jokowi admitted shocked by the situation in Nduga that the road has not been asphalted and the Bupatinya office also does not exist.
"This is the circumstance that I will see, our society that we will see," said the President.
Jokowi also acknowledged the position of Indonesia is still a lot behind with other countries, even with neighboring countries, namely Singapore and Malaysia.
The President acknowledges that there is homework to be improved, namely work ethic, productivity and kedispilnan, to catch up with other countries.
President Joko Widodo said that the infrastructure development that is carried out by his current government is not only related to the economy, but also unites the Indonesian nation.
"Many people see that infrastructure development is only concerned with the economy, logistics mobility, mobility of people and goods, yes, but most importantly, the infrastructure we build is the infrastructure that unites the Indonesian nation," the president said.

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