Positive Thinking Generation of Papua Spreading the Message of Nationalism in social media

Generasi Positive Thinking Papua Menebar Pesan Nasionalisme di Medsos 

JAYAPURA - "A pride and experience can be with them. Although we are different origins but we remain solid with one goal, becoming the next generation of the nation that built Papua. Because we are studying in Papua, we will serve Papua. "
That is one post Instagram participants Generation Postive Thinking (GenPosting) at the University of Yapis Papua (Uniyap), Jayapura. The meaningful message from the Papuan students completes the photo of the poses of togetherness of the students in Uniyap from various tribes.
Shortly after Genposting in Uniyap Jayapura was opened by the Director of Information and Information Processing Ministry of Komamfo Selamatta Sembiring on Wednesday (25/10/2017) morning, hundreds of messages titled "Generasi Muda Nationalism" with tagar # GenPosting2 and #PostingBaik sent from Tanah Papua.
This action is a response to Selamatta Sembiring's message that exposes the negative impact of negative content on social media. "There has been a lot of evidence that social media can lead to conflicts in both domestic conflicts, to the life of a nation. Even there is also a negative post on social media, he went to jail, "he said. "So let's post it on social media with positive content in the style of youth."
He explained the positive thing is in the form of spreading content that educates, enlighten, empowerment, and build a national character. "Maximize those things. Do not waste time with pornography, hoaxes, hate speech, terrorism, radicalism, and also playing games in excess, "said Selamatta.
With wise behavior in social media, continued Selamatta, students will be able to contribute greatly in breaking the news circulation hoax, slander, or hate speech (hate speech). So that students can become agent of change in building young generation nationalism. He also encouraged the younger generation not just be a follower but must be a trendsetter.
"We hope the younger siblings to post positive things. Students are agents of change, therefore we target the campuses meet with students in various universities, "continued Selamatta.
GenPosting became a campaign of broadcasting positive content initiated by the Ministry of Communications and Informatics in cooperation with SINDO Weekly Magazine and London School of Public Relations (LSPR).
Vice Rector for Academic Affairs of Yapis Papua University, Jayapura Dr. Muh Yamin Noch SE M.SA highly appreciated the Photography and Creative Writing workshop in GenPosting 2.0 event held in Tanah Papua. According to him, the motivation and interest of Papuan students to knowledge is very high, only the opportunity to access quality information is limited.
"With the presence of GenPosting 2.0 in Tanah Papua is very meaningful and useful for students in Papua. Moreover, the speakers who came this time has been known competence in the field of communication, "he said.
With this new knowledge, continued yamin, Papuan students will be able to block the rush of false news or hate speech that is rampant in social media. "After this event is over, I'm sure Papuan students will convey information in the form of writing or photos positively. This is the impact of the GenPosting program which is a great campaign for young people in a fun way so that hundreds of students are crammed into the Uniyap campus auditorium, "added Yamin.
At Yapis Papua University, GenPosting presents Photography and Creative Writing workshops hosted by SINDO Weekly Asep Saefullah and Photography Practitioner Annisa Hara. The event was hosted by Ambassador GenPosting and Social Media Influencer Reza Fahlevi.
Annisa on that occasion shared tips for shooting for social media. According to him, the key of photography is sensitive to our surroundings. "Because by always being sensitive to what is around us, creativity will be endless. And of course the results of our photos will also be better, "he said.


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