Papuans are asked to love local product

"In the future, such events must be held regularly so that the public knows what the government has done," he said.

According to him, the use of local products is part of keeping the development with the context of customary territories that are not centered in one place, but are already thorough in Papua Province both in the mountains, valleys, and coastal Papua.

Thus he is convinced that currently Papua is in a phase of independence towards the welfare phase in Papua's commitment to rise, independent and prosperous. "We build a course with the characteristics of each region," he said.

Head of the Regional Development Planning Board who is also Chairman of the Committee for the Development Week of Papua in 2017, Muhammad Musaad, called a series of official development week ended since opened by the Governor of Papua on Tuesday (21/11/2017).

"The presence of residents in the development week this time is quite high even touch 3 thousand people per day," said Musaad.

According to him, the development week not only talks about success, but development progress presented data based on monitoring results. (*)


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