Papuan Forest Camps Call for Forest Sustainability and Indigenous Papuans' Rights

The Papuan Forest Camp held by Bentang Nusantara (Bentara Nusantara) invited 50 youths to follow the activity titled "Pemuda Menyatu dengan Alam" to call for the preservation of forests and safeguard the rights of indigenous Papuans.

Program Manager Bentara Papua, Yanuarius Anouw, in a press release received in Jakarta, Saturday (11/4/2017), said the forest was a source of life for indigenous Papuans.

"The local wisdom of indigenous Papuans keeps them in good shape, even though the children will continue their education to the city, they will not forget the forest of their source of life, do not forget their culture customs, they will go hunting in the forest or gathering food ," says Yanuarius.

Indigenous Papuans with their local wisdom, such as hunting and gathering food, made the activity their primary source of income. Inculcating youth love in the forest was an important thing to do, because customs could become extinct if not preserved because indigenous Papuans rely heavily on forest survival.

The Papua Forest Camp was a non-routine customary school that could then be utilized and optimized as a positive force to nurture nature.

"It is an obligation for the younger generation to recognize and be responsible for the existence of the forest which is an important asset for the life of mankind in general," he said.

These activities were expected to build public awareness, especially the younger generation, to save the remaining forests in Papua.

He said the event was an effort to introduce and build a sense of ownership of the younger generation of forests in Indonesia, especially in Papua.

The Papuan forest camp event was held on 3-13 November 2017, lasting for 11 days in Kampung Sbaga, Klasou District, Sorong District, West Papua.

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