Papua Will Launch Remote Area Service Program in 2018

The Provincial Health Office of Papua launched a program of establishing a health service center in isolated areas in fiscal year 2018.

"In 2018, we will not be just focusing on the three troubled areas at present, namely Korowai, Samenage and Yigi, but also focusing on some isolated areas in Papua," said Dr. Silvanus Sumule as Secretary of Papua Provincial Health Office in Jayapura on Saturday (11/4/2017).

Silvanus said at the end of this year, it formed a secretariat for health services in three areas inhabited by the Korowai tribe.
The three areas are Yigi (Nduga District), Yani Ruma (Regency of Boven Digoel), and Samenage (Yahukimo District).

However, by 2018 the secretariat will be developed as a center for handling health crises in isolated areas.

"Next year, it will be better organized, be it from the planning side, the financing side, and the action of the field, the year 2018 will be better organized, the place will be the center of the movement, our activities are all there," he concluded.

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