Papua Provincial Government Helps Rp. 10 billion To USTJ For Education Quality Improvement

Jayapura, PAPUANEWS.ID - Provincial Government of Papua shows its seriousness in terms of improving the quality of education by providing assistance of Rp. 10 billion to Jayapura University of Science and Technology (USTJ).
Papua Governor Expert Staff for Welfare and Human Resources, Annie Rumbiak, in Jayapura on Thursday (7/9), said the provincial government's serious attention in the field of education is realized with the help of fresh funds amounting to Rp10 billion to be disbursed in two stages, amounting to Rp5 billion.
"This large fund is for the improvement of human resources within the educational institution of Jayapura University of Science and Technology," he said.
According to him, the development of education in Papua has complex challenges and problems that need to be shared.
"We expect every provider of higher education to innovate and work hard to find other sources of funding from various sources that can be accounted for," he said.
Although it is very hard but it will be a glory for educators and education on the shoulders of graduates who have just been in graduation.
"People will be more open, competition in various aspects is getting tougher where the availability of reliable human resources, both in quality and quantity, is one of the biggest challenges facing this time," he said.
Improving the quality of education becomes a very important thing because it will impact on the community's trust in the institution itself. (red, CS)


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