Otsus fund Successfully Press Poverty in Papua and West Papua

Dana Otsus Berhasil Tekan Kemiskinan di Papua dan Papua Barat 

JAKARTA - The special autonomy fund (Otsus) for Papua and West Papua has succeeded in significantly reducing the poverty rate in the two provinces. BPS data said, in the last 15 years (2000-2016) the welfare of the people of Papua is getting better. The percentage of poverty fell from 46.35% in 2000 to 28.54% in March 2016.
This was stated by the Vice Chairman of the House of Representatives Fadli Zon when opening Forum Group Discussion (FGD) in the House of Representatives, Senayan, Wednesday, October 25, 2017. "In APBN 2017 has allocated funds Otsus Papua Rp5, 6 trillion and West Papua Rp2, 4 trillion. This amount is up from the previous year, namely Papua rose by Rp200 billion and West Papua up Rp100 billion, "said Fadli.
Attending the event were several members of the House, such as Roberto Raw, Sulaiman Hamzah, Eva Kusuma Sundari, Peggi Patippi, Wilman Wandik, and Firmandez. Also present as speakers Michael Manufandu, Freddy Numberi, and Cahyo Pamungkas.
Fadli said the condition of poverty in West Papua also declined. When in 2007 the percentage of poverty reached 39.31%, then the number continues to decline to 25.73% in 2015.
According to him, from the statistics there is one significant thing from the fund Otsus. So also with the Human Development Index (HDI) in Papua which shows an increase from 2015. In 2015 IPM Papua 57.25. This figure increased by 0.8 points to 58.05 in 2016. "Even though there has been good progress achieved, the Otsus Special Autonomy Team has a serious record in Papua and West Papua," he said.
One of the important issues highlighted in the implementation of Otsus is the still widespread separatist action in Papua. Lastly there was a shooting of members of the Police Mobile Brigade near the location of Freeport. This is a challenge that must be faced in the middle of the achievement of the decreasing of poverty.


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