Hollywood Stars Amaze The Beauty of Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat, PAPUANEWS.ID - Before returning to India after starring in a drama on one of Indonesia's private television, Indian handsome actor Ankit Bathla took a trip to Raja Ampat, Papua. One of the bollywood actors admitted very amazed by the beauty of Raja Ampat.

When asked how he was while visiting Raja Ampat by phone on Sunday (26/11), Ankit batla said that he really loves Indonesia because in Indonesia save so much natural beauty.

"Yes, I went to Raja Ampat yesterday, it is very extraordinary scenery there, and of course Indonesia which consists of various small islands and large of course save a lot of tourist attractions are amazing," said Ankit.

athla also admitted very happy to be in Indonesia. He considered Indonesian people very friendly.

"I learned about the beauty of patience and friendly faces from Indonesia," Bathla said.

Not only that, Ankit also advised that the diversity of Indonesia remains to be maintained its integrity, because according to him if only he was born as an Indonesian person of course I would love this country.

"Will miss you Indonesia," Bathla wrote in her official Instagram account. (Red.AK)

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