Noam Chomsky Spread Asymmetric War in West Papua

Professor Noam Chomsky and a group of international academics including Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and Tapol are working to gather strength, including the power of opinion to disrupt one of the strategic areas of NKRI, Papua, especially West Papua. Chomsky and his gangs then formed a group called International Academics for West Papua (IWAP).
They are cunningly shaping the opinion that the Indonesian security forces, especially the TNI which is doing a number of acts of human rights violations in West Papua. The issue of human rights violations has actually become a tool and proxy war (war asymmetris) foreign groups to disrupt the security situation of Indonesia. So, when public opinion has been established, foreign parties immediately enter operations in Indonesia with the aim of dividing the unity and unity of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.
This rhetoric of democracy and human rights is familiar to the United States before embarking on a military operation in a country. The rhetoric of democracy and humanity is the key word to mask the real motive of its hidden agenda. And as is known, the US often successfully use intelligence operations by using the issue of democracy and human rights. For example in a number of countries in the Middle East marked by the Spring Spring campaign in 2010 ago. As a result, the Middle East was devastated and has become a no man's land. Unfortunately, the humanitarian tragedy in the Middle East has never been seen as a war crime and crimes against humanity.
A similar operation seems to be in West Papua via Chomsky et al assisted by other parties, possibly also the media. And unfortunately, the rhetoric of Chomsky et al appears to have widespread support from a number of national media.
Chomsky et al demands exactly the demands of the Free Papua Organization (OPM), a group later called separatists. Chomsky et al really do not need much talk, enough they hold a weapon if it wants to disrupt Indonesia. "Dare not war? That's substance! If you do not dare, give up, or become a KKB that was killed last week when the TNI and Police released 1300 people hostage OPM, "said former member of law commission Djoko Edhi Abdurrahman, Jakarta, Wednesday (22/11).
According to Chomsky et al. The military presence in West Papua combined with racism and structural economic discrimination against local Papuan populations, will only result in conflicts and harassment. International Academics for West Papua also demanded military and police training and arms exports for Indonesia to be stopped until human rights violations in West Papua were suspended.
"If all Comsky CS demands from the IWAP are met, exactly as the demands of independence of the Free Papua Organization (OPM). Why not ask to separate from the Unitary Republic of Indonesia? Ask for independence, but free. That's the way to go. Indonesia has no Referendum Act. So if you want independence, just rebel! Thus, the professors who make the open letter more effective, bought enough advanced weapons for the OPM to win against the Republic of Indonesia. Encourage the contributing countries to back up or be a direct part of the uprising. Our military also needs real war games, "said Djoko Edhi.

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