Mummy Conservation is Budgeted Rp 900 Million

Mummy in the Baliem Valley.

Department of Tourism and Culture, Jayawijaya Regency, budgets Rp 900 million for mummy conservation conducted at some point in the local area. The funds are used to purchase tools and chemicals that all must be imported from outside Papua.

"The source of funds from Otsus that we use around Rp 900 million, because the tools and wire and chemicals must be imported from Surabaya," said Head of Tourism and Culture of Jayawijaya Regency, Alpius Wetipo, Wednesday (11/01/2017).

According to him, experts who conserve mummies in Jayawijaya have entered the final stage, they are referring from the existing data and discussions with residents in the location of Mummy.

"Mummy damage is caused by rat bites and livestock and lack of care by local residents," Wetipo said, adding.

Conservation activities including maintenance, maintenance and protection have been carried out at four points including Aikima, Araboda, Yiwika and Pumo.

Regent of Jayawijaya, Wempi Wetipo, acknowledges the mummy part of the tourism sector in Jayawijaya which became the tourist attraction from within and abroad.

He ensures the development and management of the tourism sector continues to be driven through the local tourism and cultural office.

"In order to become income revenue for the region, as well as local communities," he said.

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